Navel Piercing Information

The True History of Navel Piercing

Navel piercing is immensely popular these days, especially with young females, although many older females seem to enjoy participating in this current “craze” or fad, as well. There is some dispute as to when the idea of piercing one’s navel (some call it a form of self-mutilation) actually took root.

Navel Piercing InformationBy all accounts, Navel Piercing, also known as belly button piercing, entered the consciousness of the mainstream in 1993. At that time, the rock vocal group, Aerosmith, produced a new music video that appeared on the MTV television network. In the video, the group introduced its new song, “Cryin” and a new “fashion” concept – Navel Piercing. That’s because the young and popular actress, Alicia Silverstone, appeared in the video with a bared midriff … and jewelry in her navel.

It caused an immediate sensation that continues to this day, nearly two decades later. Navel Piercing, while popular, can cause some minor health problems. If handled properly, a successful piercing will take as long as six months to fully heal … if the person receiving the piercing follows instructions and keeps the pierced area clean and dry all of the time. Failure to follow instructions in the care and treatment of a navel piercing can easily have negative consequences that result in mild, but irritating infections.

Clearly, Navel Piercing is not a natural or, some might say, normal thing to do. It is, however, a popular thing to do … the height of fashion and fashion consciousness for females of all ages, particularly young females. Many believe that a pierced navel is incredibly sexy and alluring … and a sure-fire way to draw male attention. Perhaps, but it is also a way to cause yourself minor, but troublesome, physical problems.

Many cultures throughout the world believe in “piercing one’s skin” as a way to make yourself more attractive. It may work, but it seems like it requires too much pain and discomfort to achieve the desired result. And yet, Navel Piercing continues to grow in popularity, along with pierced ears … pierced eyelids … pierced tongues … even pierced lips.

Some people who are more adventurous and daring even pierce their genitals in the belief it will lead to greater sexual satisfaction. That may be true, but it seems like a “big price to pay” to achieve their desired goal.

As for Navel Piercings, the ideal “navel type” for a piercing is the “outie.” Of course, many people are not “blessed” with that kind of navel, yet still submit to the piercing. Currently, many different types and styles of jewelry are used in Navel Piercings. Are they all attractive? Perhaps … it depends on who is looking.

If the idea of a Pierced Navel appeals to you, it will always look attractive to you, regardless of the jewelry adorning the navel. If you are repelled by the very concept of a Pierced Navel, nothing you see adorning a navel will charm you and look good.

When it comes to Pierced Navels, individual perspective matters.

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